Marathi Wedding Invitation Video Template

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Create Customizable Unique, Creative, and Trending Wedding invitation cards in Video with Jakhurikar and Invite your friends and family for the wedding ceremony. Jakhurikar is providing High-quality Wedding invitation cards also customizing as per the client's requirements.

Price - 751   ₹ 1001       Video Quality - Half Screen       Format - MP4
Photos - 3 - 4 Photos

Process of Creating wedding invitation -

Step 1 - Browse and Select the Video Design
Step 2 - Take a Screenshot and share with us on WhatsApp +91 9657917189 or Email -
Step 3 - Send Details/Content and photos if Required (also share if any specific Requrement like audio change or reduce/increase video time)
Step 4 - Make Payment
Final - You will receive invitation before 24 Hrs. (2 Times changes are free )

Marathi Wedding Invitation Video

Video wedding invitations have become a popular trend in recent years as couples look for new and creative ways to invite their guests to their special day. These invitations are sent electronically, typically through social media platforms or a dedicated website, and feature a video message from the couple, usually recorded specifically for the invitation.

One of the biggest advantages of using video wedding invitations is the personal touch they provide. The video message allows the couple to express their excitement and joy in their own words, and can also include personal anecdotes and memories. This can add a special and unique touch to the invitation that traditional paper invitations may not have.

Another advantage of video wedding invitations is their ability to be shared easily. They can be easily shared on social media platforms or forwarded through email, making it easy for guests to view and respond to the invitation.

Video wedding invitations can also be a cost-effective option for couples. Traditional paper invitations can be quite costly, especially when you factor in the cost of printing, postage, and envelopes. With video invitations, there are no printing or mailing costs, making it an affordable option for many couples.

One of the downsides of video wedding invitations is that they may not be suitable for all guests. Some guests may not be comfortable with technology or may not have regular access to the internet. Additionally, video invitations may not have the same level of personal touch as traditional paper invitations, and may not be kept as a memento of the special day.

Overall, video wedding invitations are a unique and creative way to invite guests to a couple's special day. They provide a personal touch and can be easily shared, while also being cost-effective. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all guests may be comfortable with technology or may not have regular access to the internet.