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Customize the Engagement invitation card in just few minutes

Read the notes below and edit the invitation card to fit your needs. Watch the Video on how to make an invitation card if you need any assistance.
Please fill the details in marathi [Click here to use marathi translation software]
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Size: 1000 px X 1500 px [WxH]
to remove watermark.
  • You can download unlimited previews, but the final design is only one.
  • Please check all the details before proceeding with the payment.
  • Once complete the payment you will not able to edit content/Details.
  • After payment, you will need to re-pay if you edit your details.
  • The Final image is without a watermark, full HD in the .JPG format.
  • The Payment process is completely safe and secure.
  • Jakhurikar.com does not collect your payment information.
  • For Support WhatsApp 9657917189 (WhatsApp Only, direct call not Accepted)