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This is the service based option. You just need to select the design and share with us with your content/Details. after that will proceed and give you. (The full process is below, please check)

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Marathi Wedding Invites

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Make Invitation Card In Just 5 Mins

This is the Self-Serve option. Simply update the information in the text box and your invitation card is ready in seconds.

Marathi Wedding Invites

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Process for creating Invitation card

• Choose a design from the links above.
• Take a Screenshot and share it with us at WhatsApp 9657917189
• Send us your details.
• Complete the payment.
• We will send your card within 4 hours of receiving payment. Or you will receive your video within 24 hours.
• 2 Time changes Free.


• Self-Serve Invites - Rs 101/-   Rs 351/-     ( Time - Self Service around 5 mins)
• Customizable Invites from us - Rs 151/-   Rs 351/-     ( Time - Before 4 hrs Delivery)
• New Design as per Requirement - Rs 351/-   Rs 501/-     ( Time - Before 6 hrs Delivery)
• Customizable Video - Rs 501/-   Rs 1001/-     ( Time - Before 24 hrs Delivery)

Why Jakhurikar Graphics

• Worldwide Service
• Delivery within 3 Hrs.
• No Watermark on the card and video.
• Fully Customizable with 3 Free Changes.
• All Creative and Experienced designer.
• High-Quality Image/Video.
• Person-to-Person WhatsApp Support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you send invitations without watermarks?
Yes, we are not adding a watermark on any customer's invitation card. It's only added for preview purposes on the website.

What information is required for an invitation card or video?
You can pick the design and share the details as shown on the card/video (Groom & Bride Names with Parents Names, Date & Time, Venue, Haldi Ceremony Details, Regards)

How much time is required for making an invitation card or video?
Invitation cards are delivered within 4 hours and video invitation cards are delivered within 24 hours.

The provided invitation card is High-Quality?
Yes, We are providing only high-quality invitation cards.

Is this invitation card printable?
Yes, all invitation cards are printable, use a file that is sent via a WhatsApp document or by e-mail.
We do not provide printing services, you must visit your closest digital print shop to print the invitation card.

Can I create an invitation card myself?
Yes, use our 5 min invitation card maker service.

How can I make the payment for the invitation card/video?
We are accepting all payments, that is all UPI options, Netbanking, Credit card, Debit card, Paytm wallets, etc. Except for international payments.

Can I visit Physically in the office?
On-site services or visit is not available